Programs & Curriculum

Preschool Program

The Imaginations at Work Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten program use Teaching Strategies Gold and Creative Curriculum to build individual and group lesson for each and every day. We are a "learn through play" based center which promotes social and emotional development, as well as small group, individual based activities and learning. The children are observed daily and quarterly assessments are completed on the children to ensure they are learning at a pace that is developmentally appropriate for them. It is part of the IAW philosophy to see and teach the child as an individual, and you can see this reflected in the lesson plans as well as interactions between the students and the teachers in the classroom.
We strive to ensure each child in our care is Kindergarten ready by focusing on math, science, literacy, language development, and their emotional development through play based centers and activities. 
We hold conferences 2-3 times per year to allow for any questions or concerns about your child's development. We strive to have positive parent relationships, and see our program as a collaboration between home and school.